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IGTV: A Comprehensive Guide For Instagram Profile To Understand

Now, Instagram, as the most effective social media platform, has over one billion users globally. Hence, making the most of its features is the primary key to gain success for your brand or business. In recent times, mostly used features on the Instagram platform are IGTV features. It lets users share top-quality videos up to 60-minutes longer with horizontal and vertical viewing screen experience. Are you surprised to work on this best strategy for your Instagram account? You can start to go with the latest updates of Instagram algorithms to make your profile worth a better choice to work on with. You can buy Instagram impressions to maximize your visibility around the globe.


As discussed above, IGTV is a perfect social media platform for sharing long-form video content. Instagram permits the posting of videos with 60-seconds. This new app has a place for videos to post up for a one-hour duration. Longer videos permit you to deploy something that includes a value for the audience, which is simpler to do when you have more time. You can understand that when it was first initiated, IGTV offered an ideal method to view videos with no ads or promotions. Instagram started in 2018, where it has long-form vertical videos. However, Instagram works effectively for both horizontal and vertical.

When you start to use it, IGTV begins to announce videos from the accounts you follow on Instagram. You need not have to begin following the people and brands from scratch. Also, to kick start watching more produced videos with similar facts like Instagram stories, IGTV doesn’t let you post videos at the same time you shoot them.

How Does IGTV Work?

On June 20, 2018, IGTV released its feature on Instagram. It is used within the IGTV app or Instagram, which is both available on Android or iOS. In spite, as different apps, both are fully combined. Additionally, IGTV works visually attractive and looks similar to Instagram profile. Also, it was developed for mobile devices. When you click on the IGTV and enter a video, it plays the video automatically.

The primary idea behind this IGTV attribute is to change it into a real TV app, thus the users need not spend time finding your video from the people they already follow. Everything will be on one screen.

Best Types Of IGTV Videos

IGTV is a versatile platform, where entrepreneurs, marketers, and influencers start to use for their business by benefiting from its features. The secret is to generate the appropriate content and keep things in line with your taste. There are listed IGTV video types below; you can find the best type of videos to produce and post your channel.

1. Teasers

You should understand that small video clips make expectations and buzzing among the public? These are called sneak-peek or teasers. On IGTV, you can utilize them while releasing or broadcasting a new product or service.

2. Tutorials

In this type of content, tutorials have been a hit on IGTV. The primary goal of these is to educate the user on how to perform something or how to use a product or service offered by your business. Additionally, support your audience and turn out as an authority in the marketplace.

3. Reviews

Reviews are one of the topmost video types on every social media platform. Hence, it is perfect for video types to become successful on IGTV. It’s a perfect method to engage with your audience as it generally presents a review of a product or service. It could be games, sports, books, films, online tools, and products. A review needs to be impartial, presenting both the pros and cons and raising it off with your view about the niche while maintaining a friendly tone.

4. Webinars

A Webinar is similar to an online class or talk. It’s an ideal format to publish on IGTV if it’s complete or in small video clips up to ten minutes longer. It is the perfect method to provide rich content for your audience to grab capable audiences for your business. IGTV permits you to put links in the video’s description, where you can be directed on your landing page by collecting new leads.


IGTV is an ideal method to attract your audience, associate with influencers of your niche, gain fans, and develop authority. It helps to greater organic reach using the IGTV features and other methods to build engagement.