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Engager Retargeting In TikTok

TikTok is an incredible platform for small businesses as it is less competitive and provides more opportunities for brands to create significant impact. Though marketers perceive TikTok as a less mainstream social platform, people are actively using the platform. According to hootsuite, nearly half of the TikTok users are aged between eighteen and twenty-four, and overall the platform has nearly eight hundred million active users. With enormous young users, TikTok is an exceptional tool for businesses to connect with younger audiences. Nano-Influencers and user-generated content are effective in terms of authentic marketing strategies to connect with the younger generation.   

In 2019, TikTok introduced its self-serving advertising portal for brands worldwide to encourage marketers to run ads on the TikTok and other apps in its family. TikTok offers an equal opportunity to advertisers of all sizes to engage with their target audience to buy TikTok likes and boost brand awareness and also enhance traffic to the site or a landing page to promote the products or services.

GenZ users in TikTok spend most of their time-consuming video content, and they are the majority of users in the TikTok app. Marketers looking to promote their businesses to GenZ audiences must run TikTok ads to skyrocket their sales and brand awareness. Also, TikTok custom conversions help brands to track conversions that occur through TikTok ads so that the ad platform optimizes delivery in such a way to gather the best ROI for the ad spent.  

Remarketing On TikTok

According to the profound marketing principle “The Rule of 7”, it is believed that a prospect needs to be exposed to the brand’s message a minimum of seven times before taking appropriate action such as registering for a service or buying a product. Remarketing on TikTok is a great way to boost the ROI and reap more benefits out of social media marketing with a considerable budget. Remarketing is all about engaging with people who expressed their interest in the brand. Combining the magnificence of TikTok with remarketing makes it impactful and also a cost-effective strategy.  

Creating Custom Audiences

When creating ad groups, TikTok enables marketers to choose custom audiences to target according to various factors. The four distinct ways to create custom audiences on TikTok are engagement, website traffic, customer file, and app activity. Many small businesses retargeting on TikTok can benefit from choosing custom audiences based on engagement or website traffic.


In the engagement option, marketers can target customers who engaged previously with their ad content in a particular way that includes,

  • Clicking ad
  • Viewing ad
  • Watching the complete ad
  • Viewing more than seventy-five percent of the ad
  • Viewing more than fifty percent of the ad
  • Viewing more than twenty-five percent of the ad

Engagement audiences only acquire customers who have engaged with the brand on TikTok, and also, they are auto-refreshed.

Website Traffic

In website traffic, marketers can target customers who have checked their website or performed actions that include

  • Clicking a button
  • Visiting a particular page
  • Registering as a customer
  • Including a product in the cart
  • Submitting form

Website traffic audiences are effective for targeting people who have expressed interest in the brand but have not made a purchase.

App Activity

In the app activity option, marketers can target customers who have finished specific events in the app including,

  • Viewing content
  • Searching
  • Installing the app
  • Logging In
  • Subscribing
  • Unlocking achievements
  • Rating the app and so on.

To continue engaging with the TikTok users who have previously used the app. App activity is the best custom audience type, and it is auto-refreshed. To build custom audiences according to app activity, marketers need to use third-party tracking set up on their application, with turning on in-app events options.

Customer File

In this option, marketers can upload a customer file and match their leads with TikTok users. The file types can be IDFA/GAID-MD5 Encrypted, IDFA/GAID original value and any GAID and IDFA data must be from the geographical location that the brand is targeting.

TikTok Pixels

Brands need to set up TikTok pixels on their website that will enable them to personalize TikTok ads to the website visitors. TikTok pixels can be downloaded in a one-click installation using Google tag manager. Brands must install TikTok pixels on their website before they run TikTok ads.