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Top 9 Bollywood Celebrity On TikTok

Who does not want to be famous on TikTok? From common people to celebrities everybody is using this app. It has become one of the most downloaded video apps worldwide. It has been seen that not only the general public is crazy for this app, even top celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears have also been using it. It can be considered as a Top social media platform these days because of its popularity among the people. One can buy TikTok likes package to increase account popularity and credibility.

TikViral has created this list of Bollywood Celebrity On TikTok to make it easy for you to find your favourite celebs who care actually using TikTok. To reach a wide range of audiences, buy TikTok fans and grow your following. There are dozens of Bollywood stars who are using TikTok. Recently, Deepika Padukone has joined the TikTok and she is pretty much regular with the app. To find more, you can check out the below-mentioned list.

1. Jacqueline Fernandez

This pretty lady is on the Top of the list of the Bollywood celebrities on TikTok. She has a huge follower base on TikTok.  She has got around 11 million followers and 57.9 million likes with a verified account badge. Her official TikTok Id is @jacqueen143 and if you want to get noticed by her, you can use hashtag #jacqueen.

Jackie produces a variety of videos like makeup, dance etc. Her videos are often appreciated by the TikTok and other communities and platforms.

2. Shahid Kapoor

The chocolate boy of the Bollywood industry is using TikTok. Yes, this would be a piece of great news to some girls out there. You can find his ID with the name @Shahidcapoor.  He recently started using this app and now he has 851.8k followers with 914.1k hearts. There are not many videos as he is new to this app. He makes witty and funny videos to entertain his fans.

3. Kapil Sharma

The king of comedy, our own Kapil. He is now on TikTok to make his fans laugh. He has a pretty good fan following base of around 2.8 million and he has got around 13.3 million hearts. You can find him by searching @Kapilsharma on TikTok with verified account badge.

4. Disha Patani

Are you searching for Disha Patani? Disha is now on TikTok. You can find her by @dishapatani on TikTok and she has 3 million followers with 1.9 million likes and verified badge. You can follow her to stay updated on what all she is upto in her professional as well as personal life.

5. Yami Gautam

The sensational beauty is here on TikTok with 376.7k followers and 827.7 k likes. Her official tiktok account Id is @yamigautam.

6. Reteish Deshmukh

The best entertainer in Bollywood. If you are someone who loves to see the videos which are entertaining and can make you laugh, you must follow Ritesh Deshmukh. His Official Tiktok Id is @riteishd. He has 10.2 million followers with 90.5 million likes with the verified badge.

7 Sunny

The hot, sizzling actress who is killing everyone with her cuteness is none other than, Sunny Leone. She is one of the bollywood celebrities on TikTok who made her fans laugh by making amazing videos on TikTok. She has 4 million followers and her official account is @sunnyleone. She is updated on TikTok most of the time. Believe us; it is worth following her to keep you entertained.

8 Deepika Padukone

The best actress in Bollywood is on TikTok. You can follow her and she can be found by the name of @deepikapadukone. Deepika collaborated with other Indian TikTok stars. She started using TikTok during her movie release of Chaapak. She has 6.3 million followers in such a short period of time. Go, check her profile today.

9 Tiger Shroff

A piece of great news for all who admire Tiger Shroff. They can see his tremendous videos on TikTok as well. You need to search @tigershroff to get his real TikTok account. He makes bodybuilding, dance videos to amuse his fans. He has 3.7 million followers base with 9.1 million likes with the verified badge.

So, in this post, we discussed the top 9 Bollywood celebrities on TikTok. TikTok is a social media platform that is growing day by day. TikTok has more than 500 million active users who post videos daily.