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Ways To Connect Your Startup With Instagram Micro-Influencer

Our history is full of influencers, for example: Abraham Lincoln, William Shakespeare and Barack Obama.

We normally just think of presidents, prime ministers or scientist while writing the list of most influential people, but the truth is they don’t always have a big impact on our daily lives. When it comes to more casual things, like deciding on what to wear or what brand’s clothes to purchase, we always follow the trendsetter celebrities.

Having the likes of Tom Brady or Kylie Jenner to guide your decision-making may sound weird, but for these types of decisions, actors and sports personalities seem to pull a lot of weight. We all constantly see so many celebrity endorsements.

Well, we understand a small business can’t afford big celebrity sponsorships. But thanks to influencers on Instagram, you don’t need to look for Kylie Jenner to help you get people to buy your product. 

All you need is a micro-influencer.

What Are Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers aren’t big-name celebrities, instead, they are Instagrammers with followers from 1k to 100k. They’ve built their large audience. All thanks to their authenticity and niche knowledge.

The best part about micro-influencers is that their followers trust them and engage with them at a higher rate than other Instagram accounts. Micro-influencers are also known to be the most effective sellers on Instagram. 

So how can you get in touch with these micro-influencers? Well, we at Trollishly will tell you some of the expert tips and show you the right way to connect with micro-influencer.

Here are our top tips on how to find micro-influencers for your brand

Know Your Need!

Before you even go looking out for influencers on Instagram, you need to create clear goals you want to achieve with your campaign. Are you trying to promote some product or event? Or just trying to generate brand awareness? Having an answer to these questions is important for setting up a budget and for influencer search.

How To Work With Micro-Influencers?

Keep in mind that working with a micro-influencer won’t be the same as working on a traditional ad campaign plus you won’t have the control on the content. You’ll need to let influencers, create content that resembles their unique style.

Giving creative freedom will make it easy to find influencers and create a successful campaign.

Use Tools

Growing social media presence of a start-up isn’t an easy task. You have to take care of many responsibilities and successfully getting in touch with micro-influencers is not a 15 minutes task. Thankfully, we Trollishly have found the best tools that can manage the outreach for your brand, these tools are Kicksta and Famebit – they can help you set-up influencer campaigns. These tools post information about your campaign on their platforms and then interested influencer can submit their proposals. You’ll still need to make it sure if a particular influencer is a good fit for your campaign. Finding the right influencer is important for your brand to get maximum outreach with micro-influencer campaign.

Hashtag Searches

Finding influencers who are actually relevant to your brand is important. And the best way to do that is using search by hashtag.

Try search by using multiple hashtags which are relevant to your brand niche to create a list of potential micro-influencers. When going through the search results, choose influencers whose photos and profile is eye catchy. Search by hashtags mostly displays posts with the highest engagement ratio first, which makes it a good way to find the right influencer for your brand. 

Identify Influencers Who’re Open To Sponsorships

Micro-Influencers with thousands of followers aren’t always open to sponsorship deals. Thankfully, many micro-influencers provide clues within their profile to help you understand whether you can work with them or not.

Nowadays, most of the micro-influencers will actually list their contact information for potentials brand partners in their Insta bio. A little extra reading and research will help you to avoid wasting time messaging influencers who’re interested in sponsored deals.

It’s Time To Connect

Now is the time, we’ve become more interconnected than we were ever before, Instagram and other social media channels have given brands a great potential for word-of-mouth marketing.

Looking quickly reach to the masses, you can also choose to buy Instagram views and also buy Instagram likes to reach more audience in a shorter period of time.

Follow these simple tips by Trollishly, this will surely help you to connect with micro-influencers and you’ll be able to create a brand with Insta micro-influencer.