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Who Are The Biggest Stars On TikTok

In the relatively short period since its launch in September 2016, TikTok became arguably the biggest social media platform amongst Millennials and Generation Z. During this time, TikTok has launched a number of young people into the kind of stardom that most of us mere mortals can only dream of and has changed the aspirations of the youth in such a way that the most desirable career options no longer is becoming a fireman, rockstar or jetpilot, but the dream job now is being an influencer on social media.

Seeing as TikTok has the ability to raise normal, every day kind of people through its medium of short do-it-yourself video clips, to star status over night it appears to have an edge over YouTube or even Instagram. To get the same kind of exposure and peer recognition on YouTube you need to walk a different path, that is unattainable as far as the average TikTok user is concerned. 

But the biggest difference is of course the directness of TikTok, it happens in real time and it is by far the most interactive entertainment avenue available to the youth.The algorithm and AI technology that is employed by TikTok ensures that the user, no matter who he or she is, always gets the kind of content in their feed that they like and identify with. The TikTok users always feel that they are in a place where they belong and they relate on a more personal level to the stars that they ultimately helped to create on TikTok. 

So, who are these likable and accessible stars on TikTok, just looking at the most recognisable names and of course Loren Grey, being the alpha queen of the moment, suggest that we look at her claim to fame. Things weren’t always as rosy for Loren as it is now, there were times when she was bullied and called talentless at school, this was just as she started to get noticed on social media. Since then things have been falling into place and she now has a very promising career ahead of her.

Her social media following is out of this world, on TikTok she is being followed by 39 million followers, Instagram accounts for 18.4 million and YouTube a further 3.66 million followers. Impressive figures and worthy of a queen. 

Zach King, what an appropriate name. He posted his first video on Musical.ly, TikTok’s predecessor in 2016 and has subsequently gained a following of 35 million. Zach did not start his career on TikTok though, he has been going at it since he was seven, making his first film with a home video camera and by the time he was fourteen, he bought himself video equipment and computer gear to make and edit videos. Clearly knowing what one wants in life helps a great deal.

Baby Ariel, by default will probably bear the title of princess, and was recognized by Time magazine as one of the most influential people on social media. Notably, Baby Ariel, launched her anti-bullying campaign in 2015, called  #ArielMovement cementing her stance against internet and social bullying. Refreshing to know that everything about social media stardom does not only revolve around pretty dresses and cool dance moves.

There has to be a prince in any fairy tale and Riyaz Aly is our man. Known for his fashionable lip-sync videos, this young man has managed to gain 28.9 million followers on TikTok.                              

Charli D’Amelio is popular for her original dancing, lip-syncs and montages and the fairytale thing about her is that she quite literally is an overnight success. She is what keeps other young people, wanting to be actresses and dancers lip-syncing and posting videos.

Kristen Hancher is known as a model, actres, dancer and influencer. She has been promoting various brands and is a rather good gymnast, yes, pretty much just like you. She’s got 23.4 million followers though.

Gilmher Croes and his younger brother Jayden, co-host the YouTube channel, the CroesBros. He has been active on TikTok’s predecessor Musical.ly and as a performer on TikTok earned himself a cool 23.3 million followers.

Jacob Sartorius, rose to fame through his lip-syncing and comic videos, first on Musical.ly and then on TikTok. He posted his first video on Vine in 2014 with an anti-bullying message and has been a rising star ever since and has 22.2 million followers to prove that.

Awez Darbar, well known for his excellent dancing and comedy routines. He is a dance teacher and has his own dance academy, called B YOU. As an entertainer and media personality, Awez has 22.5 million TikTok followers.

Nisha Guragain, with her stunning good looks, acting and dancing abilities, she has creeped into the hearts of 21.6 million followers on TikTok.

What most if not all these TikTok celebrities, have in common is that they all appear to be no different to you and I. They are completely accessible and we can easily identify ourselves with them. That brings us back to you, you can set the ball rolling, by visiting Flymesocial where you can increase the likelihood of your own fame by buy TikTok fans. This will get your profile noticed and if you buy TikTok likes every time you post a video or a meme you could soon be a star yourself.