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Drive Business ROI With TikTok Influencers

TikTok is rapidly becoming a social platform of choice for the younger generation, mainly Millennial and Generation Z audiences. TikTok is a social media application that revolves around creating and sharing 15 seconds of video content, which is set to music often licensed from record labels and artists.  Major companies like Nike, Coca-Cola, and much more have run advertising and influencer campaigns on TikTok.

Influencer marketing is probably one of the most effective ways for businesses of any size and shape to market on TikTok. Brands collaborate with Influential partners with specific niche industry and target audiences to create relevant content and share it among their wide range of audiences. This would help brands in increasing their lead-to-deal conversions and thus increases their business ROI (Return on Investment). Brands can also increase their conversions through wooxie, an active TikTok service provider

TikTok Influencer marketing opportunities are rapidly increasing. In this guide, we have detailed the most important factors to consider for optimizing TikTok Influencer marketing to drive business ROI (Return on Investment).

How Businesses Are Using TikTok Marketing To Promote Their Brand

Many businesses are knocking into the TikTok marketing campaigns to promote their products, brands, or services to increase their lead to deal conversion rates. There are 6 Ways to advertise on TikTok:

  1. In-feed Ads

In-feed Ads are the type of biddable Ad types appears in the form of self-serve platform mostly available in major social media networks. In-feed native Ads on TikTok allows marketers to set up and run the ads by themselves. There are three action models on In-feed ad types; they are:

  • CPC (Cost per Click)
  • CPM
  • CPV (Cost per view (6 seconds)

The platform offers an opportunity to target based on desired demographics such as age, gender, and geo-location.

  1. Brand Takeovers

Brand Takeover ad campaigns are effective and can be purchased for several brand categories like fashion, food, lifestyle, fitness, and much more. The platform offers only one brand to take over the brand category per day.

  1. Hashtag Challenge Ads

The hashtags challenge Advertisements takes the challenge culture of TikTok in a promotional format. Buy tiktok views services to increases your following and also creates and opportunities to reach wide range of audiences.

  1. Shoppable Ads

This TikTok ad format adds a shoppable component to the hashtag challenge content by making the feature more versatile. TikTok shoppable Ads are also known as the Hashtag challenge plus features that offer a creative experience for people to explore products with video content.

  1. Branded TikTok Stickers

The branded TikTok Stickers offers Augmented Reality stickers to entice the user to engage with their content. These ad formats create an interactive experience than traditional advertisement styles making it less intrusive.

  1. TikTok Influencer Marketing Ads

TikTok influencer marketing Ads enables businesses to partner with TikTok creators to create and share promotional sponsored content with their target audience. To increase your popularity, buy tiktok shares to your account, which in turn increases account credibility and trust. TikTok influencer campaign works well when influencers or creators are given the freedom to create authentic content.

Tips For Launching Influencer Campaign On TikTok

To develop an effective TikTok marketing strategy, the business of any size and shape should follow these steps:

  • Understand the TikTok platform: Research the platform to determine if your brand is ready to launch an influencer campaign. Perform different strategies to identify the right influencer to target your audience and collaborate with the reputable influencer.
  • Determine your business goals and TikTok marketing goals.
  • Research to identify the desired TikTok Influencer and let the Influencers express their creativity.
  • Measure TikTok Influencer marketing results to identify what strategy performs best and what needs improvement.

Measure TikTok Influencer Campaign Performance

Brands are still struggling to determine the real success of the Influencer marketing campaign. The below outline provides some of the key metrics to be aware of once launching the TikTok Influencer marketing campaign.

  • Reach: Total video views, reach of specific hashtags, the total number of plays for particular music or song.
  • Engagement: Engagement metrics determine the total number of Likes, Comments, and Shares.
  • Virality: Total number of fan-made videos using branded hashtags and brand music or song.
  • Conversions: Increased website or product landing page traffic and an increase in sales.

TikTok Influencer marketing campaigns are very effective and successful, which massively increases brand exposure. Determine your goals and how they will be measured. Choose the right influencer and grow your business performance.